International Symposium

The Ideology of San Min Chu I
and the Foundation of Pancasila:
A Shared Vision

Center of Japanese Study, Faculty of Humanities
University of Indonesia, 31st May 2011



Pancasila has always been known as the ingenuine constutional foundation as well as the main spirit of Indonesia. However if we break the very foundation of Pancasila that highly emphasizes the sovereignty of the people, such idealism is also shared and even being the main pillars of the great nation such as Taiwan. Not to mention that in historical record, both founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia and Republic of China, deliberately stated their shared principals in relation with one another.

In light of the commemoration of the birth of Pancasila as the founding constituion of Indonesia pronounced by Ir. Soekarno of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as the commemoration of Dr. Sun Yat Sen as the founding father of the Republic of China, Universitas Indonesia together with National Sun Yat-Sen University and Taipei Economic and Trade Office would like to create a forum of discussion in discovering the shared root of nation. An international symposium that will provide not only academicians, but also young generations, a space to widen their horizon and build stronger sense of brotherhood. With the spirit of amity and cooperation, this event should be the start of deeper engagement between the two nations.

Objective and Expected Output

The objective of this national symposium would be:

  1. To conduct a national symposium that rejuvenates the linkage of Taiwan's San-Min-Chu-I ideology with the foundation of Pancasila.
  2. To celebrate the 100 years foundation of Republic of China based on the San Min Chu I.

Whilst the expected output of this international symposium would be:

  1. Comprehension of the San-Min-Chu-I ideology
  2. Comprehension of the Pancasila ideology
  3. In-depth comparison of the two ideologies and its influence to Modern Taiwan and the Republic of Indonesia.